Flexible molding:

When it comes to round walls we are expert in getting the crown molding just right, to the exact shape of the wall and with a clean and precise installation. Flexible molding is available for most of the molding styles: Flexible crown molding, Flexible baseboard and flexible window casing. . This work requires skills and experience especially with crown molding.


  oval molding  

Oval shaped walls:

Oval applications with crown molding are always challenging, because they consists of a few changing radiuses. The results are always impressive, in this kitchen and throughout the house the crown molding was floating a few inches bellow the ceiling, to allow a rope light illuminate above the crown. to see a gallery of this project and many more... Click here.

  full circle  

Full Circle:

Full circle rooms are usually characteristic for stairs foyers or entree foyers. crown molding enhances and extenuate this beautiful architectural feature.

To see more of this project and many more round flexible crown galleries ...Click here.


Arched walls: This is a typical outside radius arch protruding to the room.

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  outside radius    
  inside radius  

Inside radius arch.

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  round windows  

Window casing and Doorways: Some Windows and Doorway openings have a mission style round or arched top. This old world charm, as beautiful as it is, has really not even gained it's fullest potential yet. With door and window casing trim enhancement, they become a unique architectural feature, noticeable and appreciated.

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  round paneling/wainscoting   Round wainscoting or wall paneling applied on round walls. Click for more....    



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