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Transform your windows from a simple "hole in the wall" to a decorative masterpiece. Window casing adds warmth and elegance to any room, browse through our window gallery and be the judge.


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window casing after


168MUL Crescent casing 169MUL Tudor casing 181MUL Malibu Casing 169MUL Tudor casing
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160MUL Hermosa casing 125MUL Newport Casing 169MUL Tudor casing 159MUL Hermosa casing
  t t t t
181MUL Malibu casing 159MUL Hermosa casing 119MUL Colonial casing 125MUL Newport Casing
  t t t t
169MUL Tudor casing 160MUL Hermosa casing    
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Window casing Window casing Window casing window casing